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PURE - Powdered Chalk - Unadulterated Friction

PURE - Powdered Chalk - Unadulterated Friction

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Climbing Chalk Made from sea water - Low gravity climbing

Made From Sea Water

Our chalk isn't mined or imported from China; it's made from sea water. keeping our natural landscape intact. 


Eco friendly climbing chalk packaging

Eco Friendly Packaging

We've kept all of our packaging for our chalk products simple ... its paper.
Nothing more or less. Biodegradable is great but if it doesn't have certain conditions, it doesn't break down, and not many people have access to compostable bins or the space to keep one. Our packaging can be thrown into any wastepaper bin, and it will either be broken down or made into something new. This is just one of many ways we're making it easy for people to look after or planet.   

planting a tree for every climbing product sold

Planting A Tree For Every Product Sold

For EVERY product sold we plant a tree this includes wholesale orders too so no matter where you buy our product from, you're helping grow a forest. if you buy 200 bags, we plant 200 trees simple. 






Our PURE chalk is just that, it's pure magnesium carbonate powder, NO Fillers, NO additives, just pure raw unadulterated friction.

Our fine powder puts a lovely thin layer of chalk on your sweaty palms, it doesn't cling on, and it doesn't stick to itself like some other chalks (which reduces your friction!) this means you will use less chalk than your used to! 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Damien Chandler
Best chalk

By far my favourite chalk. Incredible friction and even better smell

Dai Edwards
Hands that do climbing feel as soft as your face ( just not my face )

A reference that may be lost on anyone who didn’t grow up in the 80’s but …

I work outside for a living so my hands are rough at best…
The low gravity chalk actually leaves my hands feeling softer, that’s some dark science if you ask me, but I liked it enough to get a subscription … would recommend !

I'm not mad, just disappointed

I have been using low gravity for years and loved it because of how well it looked after my skin, the ethical approach and the use of essential oils etc.
However the recipe seems to have changed (ingredients aren't even stated anymore), and it seems counter productive that when you wants skin guard, it comes attached to the regular powder and customers are expected to mix it themselves now, instead of sold a ready to use product like you had for years..
Also, my 200g bag of chalk is lacking a locking strip, yet the tiny skin guard bag had one..makes no sense. And because I've had to do the mixing myself in the bag, there's been spillage. I've actually reused my old chalks bag so at least the majority can be sealed up..

The old, better smelling, securely packaged chalk would of got a five star, but yeh, it's just not as good now sadly.

Thank you for your feedback,
We understand our new look packaging wouldn't be for everyone.

There has been absolutely no change to the ingredients the only difference is that we have split the concentrate we make from the base chalk.

There are many reasons we made the decision to change the packaging
We're just a small business (1 and a half man team) working out a small workshop changing the packaging helps us with manufacturing allowing us make more in a shorter period of time, it allows us to keep more products in stock helping us deliver more products, quicker and also allows us to expand our product range easier quicker and cheaper. There has been absolutely no comprise to the original product other than mixing the two parts yourself.

The larger bags are made from paper meaning we can't offer a grip seal but this is much more environmentally friendly than having a bio degradable bag with a grip seal. The reason the smaller bags have a grip seal is that we had spare bags left over from a previous project and instead of sending them to landfill we wanted to utilise them. The smaller bags will be changing over to a smaller version of the large bags (just paper) shortly.

Roberto Vivancos

Sexy chalk

Olivia Nolan
Best Chalk Ever!

I've been wasting my chalk experience with other top brands and now that I have used this I can't go back this chalk is too smooth and too good. Would definitely recommend!