Our Ethos

Climbing is all out freedom and escaping from the normal. We try to capture this rebellious nature by not creating what every other company has, but trying to produce unique products that climbers didnt know they needed. 
Our Aim 
To be as disruptive as possible!
We're a small group of climbers from the UK driven by passion not profits, and we put our product quality above everything else. We're proud to be independent and self-funded from the start.
We're not like the rest. When the others zig, we zag. We don't follow the herd!
Other popular brands just buy their chalk in from the same wholesalers, the only involvement they've had in the whole process is the packaging design to get you to believe their fantasy. They're almost identical to all the other brands out there.
We do things a little different. All of our processes are in-house and under our control, meaning we control the product and the quality.