Our Ethos

LG was born to do one thing, disrupt, We've always been a bit weird, seen things a bit different and not really fit in with the mainstream, light bulb moment was when we thought, there might be more of us out there .... and here you are you glorious thing you.
We think that climbing is all out freedom and escaping from the normal. We try to capture this rebellious nature by not creating what every other company has, but trying to produce unique products that climbers didn't know they needed.  
Our Aim 
To be as disruptive as possible!

Carbon Negative Not Just Neutral

We wanted to go one step further than just simply offsetting the carbon we create. We calculate the amount of carbon we have created each month, we then double it, making us fully carbon negative. 

This mean every bag of climbing chalk or any other item you buy from us has been offset twice. Our climbing chalk is also manufactured, and NOT mined, helping make our planet greener!

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