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Carbon Negative.

We're proud to say we are carbon negative, it's taken a lot of discussions with suppliers but we can now say our carbon footprint is negative each month. 


What does this mean? 

Carbon is created when our climbing chalk, liquid chalk and other products are manufactured and delivered, this isn't just what comes from exhaust pipes etc.., this includes things like electricity for lighting, heating our office, powering our machines, even the food we eat comes in to play. Most companies are trying to become carbon neutral, meaning they offset the amount of carbon they create by things like planting trees, or reducing the amount of fossil fuels burned etc...


How We've Done It 

Obviously we have a main focus of not creating any carbon at all, but sometimes it's just unavoidable, as we cant control what other companies create, so we wanted to go one step further than just simply offsetting the carbon we create. We calculated the amount of carbon we produce each month, we double it and this is the minimum amount of carbon we offset, by doing this, each of our products are offset twice making us carbon negative.  


This mean every bag of climbing chalk or any other item you buy from us has been offset at least twice helping make our planet greener!


We also plant a tree for every product we sell on top of what we've said above. 


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