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Climbers Bundle


All Essential Low Gravity products every climber should have in one bundle. Included in the bundle is; Chalk Paste, Elite Blend Chalk Powder, Refresh, & Tape

Below is each of their product descriptions:


Chalk Paste

Our chalk paste helps you apply exactly the amount of chalk you want right where you want it with no messing about, it's quick-drying & you use less too, with it being a paste you can use much less than traditional thinner liquid chalks, our 150ml paste is the equivalent of 200-250ml of standard liquid chalk.

It not only helps kill bacteria but has active ingredients to help you look after your hands.

- Anti-inflammatory properties!

- Removes Excess Oils, increasing friction over other brands!

- Helps to boost circulation!

- 70% Alcohol content for the most effective germ kill (don't take our word for it have a quick google yourself)



Chalk Powder

Our ELITE blend chalk is a different beast to what you're used to, it has skin care built-in. Specially formulated to help protect and preserve your hands, helping you climb longer and harder. It is infused with natural plant extracts, along with pure Magnesium Carbonate to protect your hands/skin as you climb.

Climbing with our chalk keeps your hands in high-performance mode, no more off days, just friction where you need it without destroying your hands.


Elite Blend Features.

- Moisture lock

The chalk creates a barrier, drying the top layer of your skin but locking in moisture below, conditioning your hand as you climb, so your hand won't get shredded like with normal chalks.

- Cool Grip

We have built-in a cooling effect, you won't be able to feel the cold, but by the end of a session, your hands won't be as red-raw like you get from standard chalks. 

- Long-Lasting 

Our chalk lasts up to 3 times longer than other brands out there, so you get to climb more and chalk less. 




Low Gravity Finger Tape is what you need for skin protection and structural support for tweaked fingers, wrists and elbows; no-stretch, very sticky, and easy tear perforations this is the best tape to help protect wounds and help speed up healing time

- Tears easily by hand, no scissors required
- Conforms easily to the skin

- Speeds up healing time

- Super sticky but leave no residue behind when removed.




Refresh is an extremely versatile spray we have been developing for quite a while now. Spray it on and rub your hands together, you will feel the grip you gain just by getting rid of excess oils on your skin, making it a great base for our powdered chalk, but the uses don't stop there!

Refresh Uses: 

Hands - Spray it on your hands this kills any bacteria, removes any oils on your hands, meaning chalk sticks to you better and it increases your friction! It also soaks into the skin helping boost circulation.

Shoes - Spray inside your shoes this kills any bacteria and smells that were lurking around in your shoes, and keeps your kicks fresh!

Feet - Spray your feet (Lightly) this kills any bacteria and removes any excess oils meaning your shoes will be less likely to get sweaty/greasy and move around while you're climbing. Spraying them once you're finished gives a nice fresh burst and helps keep bacteria at bay! 

A 50ml bottle will give you approximately 500 sprays, depending on how much you climb and how much you use, that's close to a year's worth! 


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