Our Packaging



To look after our planet and our future it is vital that we reduce the amount of rubbish that is produced, every small contribution adds up and our goal from the start is to protect what we love. We try to make our packaging robust, durable and most importantly, as easily recyclable as possible! You’ll find plastic in some of our packaging-but it Is only used when absolutely nothing else outweighs its benefits, and the type used is as easily recycled as possible.

We're working on being able to sell refills too, this will help us cut our waste down substantially and in turn make our products a little cheaper

Kraft Bags - our bags contain a tiny amount of plastic that can be recycled, this is needed as a moisture barrier to keep our chalk fresh and effective, we're looking into trying to replace the plastics without compromising our product

Aluminium Tins - Aluminium is highly recyclable, it is shredded down to make the next wave of products. Aluminium is the most cost-effective material to recycle, because of the huge energy savings – up to 95 per cent.

Plastic Bottles - These are made from PP and easily recycled, these are used for our chalk paste where no other material suits the paste.

If you do have any suggestions for us please email them to us, we're constantly trying to improve our products.

Postage Boxes

These are all made from card stock and can easily be recycled