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We're fully independent and self-funded, and we need your help!

We're looking for genuine, passionate climbers, Gymnasts, Weight lifters, Tennis pros, and any one else that uses chalk to help spread the word, we want you to join us, in our mission of world domination.

Just sign up (bottom left of the window) and start spreading the word. In return you receive points for various things like birthdays, getting your friends to buy, you buying etc.

There's two ambassador tiers, the first tier is to make sure you genuinely like our brand, after a few purchases by you & your friends you quilcky get moved up to our second tier, which gives you more points when you or your friends buys our products, so you can build your points even quicker, you also get access to bigger discounts, including free products and unique one off tasks for big rewards. 


If you're just in it for the money check out our partner program.