Become An Ambassador


Become a part of the Misfits & Weirdos!

We are looking for new brand ambassadors who share our passion for adventures and exploring, to embody our ethos and promote Low Gravity Climbing, we want you to join us, in our mission of world domination.. If you are someone who is always pushing your limits beyond the horizon then you could be exactly who we are looking for. We want to find people that revel in the same love of adventure as ourselves, with a desire to encourage more people to explore in an earth conscious way!


How many followers do I need to become an ambassador?

Follower count is great, but it’s not the thing we look at first. We’ve always been community driven and pride ourselves on being hard-working and down to earth. All we ask is that you have a passion for adventure  and an earth conscious ethos. We also require you to have used our products at least once, how can you recommend something you've never tried. 


What benefits do ambassadors receive?

As an ambassador you will receive a wide variety of benefits!

These benefits include:

  • A personal 20% discount code to use on all your orders with us.

  • A 10% discount code to share with all your friends, family, and followers

  • Opportunity to feature on our social media, website, and advertising campaigns

  • Opportunities to publish content on our blog

  • The opportunity to become a Gold Standard ambassador or an Low Gravity Climbing sponsored athlete. 


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