Skin Guard - Powdered Chalk - Skin Care Built In

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 Low Gravity Climbing, Friction Chalk that can be used as Climbing chalk, weight lifting chalk, gymnastic chalk, gym chalk

Climbing with our Skin Guard chalk keeps your hands in high-performance mode, without destroying your hands, it conditions hands for fewer rips and tears. No more off days, just friction. 


Skin Guard Features.

- Moisture lock

The chalk creates a barrier, drying the top layer of your skin but locking in moisture below, conditioning your hand as you climb, so your hand won't get shredded like with normal chalks.

- Sweat Stop

Our chalk is like all of the others using MgCO3 but the ingredients we add to Skin Guard have natural astringent properties, so it reduces the size of your pores meaning you sweat less, it also reduces the amount of Sebum (oil) your skin produces

- Cool Grip

Our chalk has a built-in a cooling effect for your skin, you won't be able to feel the cold, but by the end of a session, your hands won't be as red-raw like you get from standard chalks. 

- Long-Lasting 

Our chalk lasts up to 3 times longer than other popular brands out there, because of our chalks added sweat stop properties, so you get to climb more and chalk less. 

Skin guard Climbing chalk by low gravity climbing

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Stuart Hart
Feels good and smells great!

I love Low Gravity's chalk! It feels more fine than other brands and I always get complimentary comments on how great it smells, which is nice.
This is my go-to chalk every time, unless I'm caught short and need to buy some other brand in a pinch; I'll continue buying it whenever possible!

Richard Marshall
Love this chalk

I like how superfine it is but love how it smells - lemon and lavender. My hands don’t feel so dried out after using it either

Tim Cook
Love it

The chalk is perfect for me - fine, smooth and even smells great. Probably entirely in my head but I swear my fingers hold up much better since switching to this ‘skin care’ type chalk. Awesome stuff

Vilius Bilotas

Elite Blend - Powdered Chalk - Skin Care Built In

Luke Forrester Woods

Elite Blend - Powdered Chalk - Skin Care Built In