DRY - Pre Climb Skin Care

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Low Gravity - Pre Climb - Hand Care

The most important asset a climber has is their skin, that's what creates the friction keeping you stuck to the rock or plastic. As Climbers we know your skin goes through a lot, our skin care has been specially developed for climbers and people that put their skin to the test, on a regular basis. 


Taking care of your skin prevents splits, tears and injuries. 

Our DRY skin care is applied before you climb to make sure your skin is fully protected throughout your session, it also reduces the amount of oil (sebum) that is produced, closes pores to help reduce sweat, and boosts skin elasticity reducing the risk of injury (flappers, rips and tears).



- Non-Greasy Formula

- Slows down the amount of natural oil your skin can produce, helping increase friction. 

- Skin primer, makes your skin more elastic meaning it's less prone rips & tears by being abused.

- Reduces the size of pores to reduce sweat during a session.


Want to totally protect your hands? Why not check out our after climb hand care or our chalk with hand care built-in 

 Contact us if you have any allergy concerns

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Fred Williams
Dry Skin Care

This is so useful to put on before a climb. It comes in a convenient pot and it really helps with thin skin, I love it.