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How To Refill A Reusable Chalk Ball

There's two ways to refill a chalk ball (powdered & chunky).

Powder - 

Pros: Refill the ball less, easier to use, more efficient

Cons: Harder to refill. 


Chunky - 

Pros: Easy to refill

Cons: wears the cloth out faster, harder to get a decent coating, get less chalk in the ball. 




Refilling Powder.

What you'll need: 

  • Refillable chalk ball. 
  • Powdered chalk.
  • Toilet roll tube.
  • Deodorant tube (or any rod that will fit in the toilet roll tube). 
  • bucket or container.


  1. Place the rod inside the toilet roll tube.
  2. Stretch the ball opening over one end.
  3. Remove the rod. 
  4. After this point keep the ball and tube over the container.
  5. Fill up the tube with chalk.  
  6. SLOWLY push down the chalk into the ball with the rod (keep hold of the ball on the tube it will want to slip off).
  7. Repeat until you think the ball is full. 
  8. Push the rod down allowing it to slide off the tube.
  9. Tighten the strap and go climbing. 

Our chalk balls can take 70g of powdered chalk (at least that's what we put in them, let us know if you manage to safely get any more in).




Refilling Chunky

What you'll need 

  • The Chalk ball
  • Chunky chalk


  1. open the ball and add chunky chalk pieces 
  2. (optional) crush the chunks after closing the ball to get a better covering when you next use it. 










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