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How To Lace Climbing Shoes

Don't stick to the standard cross over, make you shoes fit better, Hurt less, and work for you! 

We're big advocates of making every piece of equipment we own perform the best it possibly can, why should climbing shoes be any different? 

There are loads of different shoe lacing guides out there and it can get confusing, fast, so we've condensed what's out there to a few we think most climbers would need. 



Solid line - Grey and black, depict laces

Dashed line - Grey and black, indicate a hidden lace  


Ill fitting climbing shoes

Saw tooth Lacing.

All of the inner diagonals pull at a steep angle, which shifts the alignment of the sides.


Bad fitting Climbing shoes lacing Guide


Sensitive Upper Ridge

Bar Lacing.

Relieves pressure on the upper ridge of the foot. (Works best with even number of eyelets)


Sensitive foot climbing shoe lacing


High Arches

Gap Lacing.

This set up opens up the middle section of the shoe, this can be used to release the pressure of a sensitive section of the foot. (The gap can be moved up and down to suit the climber).


Climbing shoe lacing guide for high arches


Heel Slipping

Lock Lacing.

This layout tightens the top of the shoe locking your heel in place while not making the rest of the shoe too uncomfortable. 

Stop Heel slipping in climbing shoes with lacing guide


Bunions /wide front foot

Front Gap Lacing.

Leaves space and relieves pressure at the front of the foot. 

climbing shoe Lacing guide for bunion or wide front foot


If you have any updates or want to see more foot types covered, comment below or contact us

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what about ladder lacing


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