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How To - Finger Tape Guide For Climbers

The commonly used single loop, which supports only a single pulley, has been studied, and no/very little difference in support was found between taped fingers and just fingers. We mention it below but don't recommend it.

Use rigid tape not flexible tape, as this offers the most support.

Don't over tighten the tape as you don't want to cut off circulation. Take off a length of tape prior to taping to help prevent over tightening.


Three Main Ways to Tape Your Fingers For Climbing.

Single Loop or Ring

This is Just for show, and offers NO or very little support we cant recommend this type of taping to anyone, unless your trying to protect your skin / have a dreaded flapper. 


How to tape fingers for climbing - Ring or Loop Method

Figure 8 or X Method


This offers good support and is quick and easy to apply. Thin tape like we have in our shop (see here) is perfect for this. 
How to tape fingers for climbing - Figure 8 or X Method
Steps for climbers to tape injured fingers
  1. Wrap around once just below the joint, cross the tape over the joint.
  2. Wrap around above the joint twice.  
  3. Cross over the joint again forming a cross, finish with the end of the tape on the top of the finger.

H Method

This taping method for climbers provides the most support for fingers. Wide tape is needed for the the H taping method, thinner tape can be used but its best to use the figure of 8 or X taping method if you only have thin tape to hand. 
how to apply Climbing Tape to fingers
Steps for climbers to tape injured fingers -how to do the H Taping Method
  1. Cut the tape to form a H.
  2. Place on the inside of your finger & wrap the tape arms around finger joint.
  3. Your tape should look like this, make sure it doesn't cut any circulation off.
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