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Climbing games you can play at your gym

Done all of the climbs you can and have only a few projects left? feeling a bit uninspired? weather too bad for the outdoors? There's much more to just the pre-set routes at your local gym.

I'm here to help! Grab a few friends and head down to your wall here's a few games you can play.

1) The classic add a Hold

Each player takes it in turn to add one hold starting with the start right to the finish. You can choose to have it as sudden death, first to fall loses or you can go for lives. To win you have to play to your strengths if you love slopers and everyone else hates them, bingo add it in and watch them all fall to become the victor.


Feet - play with any foot hold so you just concentrate on the hands OR play feet follow hands this is where you can only use the holds you have selected so add a little bit of cunning to the game.

Restricted holds - don't want the climb to be too easy, have it so no body can add holds from an easy climb

Controlled hold - this is where you have to tell people what you are going for before you get on the wall so there's no nearly falling off and just grabbing any old hold

2) Add a Move

This one is exactly like the add a hold, but instead of adding holds you add a move obvious right. so instead of adding say the green sloper you would add a crossover to the green sloper or a dyno to the black jug. Playing this means you're forcing everyone to to the same moves there's.

3) Remove a hold

Pick a fairly simple climb (one that everyone can do) and begin to not use certain holds the last person able to climb the wall wins, easy right.


pre-determined holds - you have to tell everyone which holds you are taking out

least moves - read the climb and then tell everyone how many moves you can get to the top in, the least moves win (you have to actually do the climb like that too). This game helps you train for route visualisation and body positions.

4) Lose a Limb

Like the title says it, pick an easy climb for every ones ability and do it without a certain arm or leg. This game helps you to think about body positions before you go for a hold. keep going up the grades until everyone cant to it anymore.

5) Twister

This one is a fun one, Pick a few holds in the centre of the wall and then 3 people below shout out your next move so the first person picks a side (left or right) the next person picks and appendage (hand/foot) the next person picks the colour. Or there are apps for smartphones you can download to stop any cheating from occurring, check them out on your app store.

Hope this has got you moving and playing more at your indoor gym.


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