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Earth Day 2022 - What we do to protect our planet

Its earth day! We do a lot of stuff behind the scenes and we thought we would share what we do to produce our products including some sneak peaks into some product updates. 


- All of our power is supplied via renewable energy

We don't use much electricity, but what energy we do use to power our machines and heat our workshop, is all from renewable sources, no fossil fuels. 


- Planting a tree for EVERY product sold.

In an effort to combat global warming, we plant a tree from every product sold. Yes you read that right, no matter the size or price of the product for every product you buy we plant a tree, buy 10 bags of our chalk we plant 10 trees for you. We have partnered with a global company that has sites all over the world. 

Everyone has a role to play in helping our planet we just make that a little simpler for you, making us a great choice for your next bag of climbing chalk.  


- Chalk made from sea water. 

Everyone has seen images of open cast mines if not here's one. 

Climbing chalk made from sea water Climbing chalk made from sea water
These two images are exactly what we're trying to avoid. Most chalks on the market are using this technique to get that white gold (or their suppliers are). we wanted to mix things up a little, our chalk isn't from a mined, its made from sea water, specifically its made from the salt in the water. We wont bore you with all the sciency stuff as we'll get into more depth in another post, but the water is collected (using fish friendly techniques), the water evaporates away leaving the salt behind, some magic happens and poof we have two solutions including magnesium carbonate. 


- Compostable chalk packaging. 

To go with our eco friendly chalk we needed packaging to match. We tested loads of different options from paper to card boxes everything was either way to fancy (cough expensive) or just too thin/flimsy, we didnt want it costing the earth and we definitely didn't want to  cover the mail man in white powder. 

After some digging, we found our solution. compostable packaging, this was cost effective so we didn't need to charge you £20 per bag and it was robust, it also matched our eco policy.

The looks and acts a bit like a poly bag covered in kraft paper but there's much more to it, The bag is made from renewable materials such as Kraft Paper / Cellulose Film / Starch Film, and in the correct environment the bag can compost in just 66 days! unlike its plastic counter parts that takes hundreds of years to break down and even then it still doesn't break down fully!


- Carbon Negative. 

Along with planting a tree for every product sold, we are also carbon negative, all of the carbon we produce is offset twice so that's 200% of the carbon we create, offset. Where we can we try not to produce any carbon, however sometimes this is unavoidable, such as deliveries, production of our packaging, etc.. 


-  Postage.

As stated above we offset the carbon produced delivering our packages, but that isnt all we do, we also ship your order in cardboard boxes whoooooa.

We don't stop there though, the boxes are all made from recycled materials, we use kraft paper tape and water activated kraft tape meaning the whole box can go in the recycling without having to deal with any plastic tape. 

Our void fill we use, is just scrunched up paper. you get the theme here right? we try to stay away from plastic as much as we can. 



If anyone has any questions or would like to help us out by suggesting any other ways we can reduce our impact please let us know, we're always looking to improve ourselves. 


Stay Weird 

Mark & Jodie

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