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TOP 10 Best Gifts for Climbers in 2020

It's getting close to that time of year again, when things start getting dark and cold which means one thing. Christmas is just around the corner. 
This list has been created for people that aren't particularly clued up with climbing but have loved ones that just love it climbing, or if your just stuck in a loop, this may help you get a few ideas. 

1. Climbing Chalk 

This is one every climber will love and use. depending on how much they climb, they might go through quite a bit of this. Click here to view our line up of chalk products. 


Low Gravity Climbing chalk with skin care built in


2. Hand Care

This one is often overlooked by many climbers, but it is really important, taking care of climbers hands means there is less chance for any rips and tears, meaning more time climbing and less time waiting for an injury to heal. Click here to view our line up of skin care products

Low Gravity Skin Care Range

3. Chalk Bag 

Every climber uses chalk, they also need some way of carrying that chalk. You have a few different options in this area. 
1. Buy a pre-made, standard bag (we have a few of those in our store). 
2. Buy a hand made one of a kind bag ( we recommend giving dirtbags a check out, they make there's with recycled rope).  
3. You can make your own. This isn't as hard as it seams there's loads of cutting patterns online and you get to be in control of the look we recommend setting aside 1-2 days if you're hand stitching and just half a day if you're lucky enough to have a machine. 

4. Clothing and Apparel

Who doesn't like get awesome t-shirts, hoodies & hats. There's loads out there, find a design you think they'll love or find out a brand they use and like. 

5. First Aid Kit

Every one should have one of these in their house and their car, but if your loved one goes out climbing they should definitely have one with them just in case. you can pick small ones up quite cheap.
This isn't a gift but we would also recommend the app What Three Words, this app has sliced the world up into small squares, each small square has three random words assigned, this allows any one to be pin pointed really accurately and quick. 

6. Gift Cards

This is a Christmas staple, give your loved one the choice instead of choosing for them, great if you don't know the colour they would choose or their size. Our gift cards are instantly generated so perfect for that last minute gift. You can pick one of ours up here

7. Guide Books 

If your loved one ventures outdoors, they need a guide book, these basically list all of the climbs in a certain area, where they can be found and how hard they are. Even if the area isn't local to them, its handy to have when they travel places. 
Here's a few you can grab from Amazon - 
Dorset 2012: Portland Lulworth Swanage 
North Wales Climbs - Rockfax Rock Climbing Guidebook
South Devon rock climbing guidebook
Wye Valley Sport Climbing Guidebook
Scottish Sport Climbs: Scottish Mountaineering Club Climbers' Guide
West Country Climbs: Avon and Somerset, North Devon, the Culm, Atlantic Coast, Inland Cornwall, West Penwith, the Lizard, Inland Devon, Torbay, Dorset: Rock Climbing Guide
Lake District Bouldering - The LakesBloc guidebook
Northumberland Bouldering Guide

8. Shoe Deodoriser 

If you live with a climber, you'll know what we mean. I think this comes with every sport as shoes are the first priority to get washed and since most climbers don't wear socks it makes the problem worse. We make our own form of antibacterial Foot and Shoes spray to keep the smell at bay. 

9. Gym Bag / Holdall 

Climbers need to carry kit and having one bag makes life much simpler. We recommend getting a gym bag as these come with a lot of useful compartments such as separate shoe sections etc..  

10. Climbing Brushes

These are a must have for any climber, they do wear down so you can never have too many brushes. these vary from £3 all the way up to triple digits, if you get a really nice hand made one, but normally hand made brushes are around £15-£30. You can pick up cheaper ones that will do the job just as well but wont have that warm hand made feel. 
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